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    If you are in a profession that is well-represented and seems to have few or no openings; this is very valuable information.  It means that your profession is probably more successful than others in BNI, and therefore, the positions are sought-after.  You may call chapters to see if there is an opening the office does not know about.  Typically, in these more active fields, the chapter replaces resigning members before notifying the office (we don't learn about the opening until it is filled).  Call the local Area Director from the Contact Us page to see if she/he has some folks already working on a new chapter that needs you.

The button below will show you a list of chapters being started and/or planned.


There are benefits to applying to existing groups and benefits to starting new chapters.  The three important things to keep in mind are:

  1. This is work; it is better work than cold-calling and that's what makes it so valuable.
  2. The time to start is now, or you will be in the same position in the future, when you finally "get around to it," having missed the referrals that would have developed in the meantime.
  3. A new chapter can sometimes lead to quicker referrals and the ability to control the rules and growth of the chapter more tightly.  An established chapter, if available, might save some chapter-building; although, you still might have to overcome the relationships with the professional who resigned to make room for you.